General Services Administration

General Services Administration


Project Date: 2016

Client: National Capital Region (NCR)

Type of Work: Consulting


We performed a Comprehensive Evaluation and Equipment Survey, authored a new Scope of Work, conducted Budgetary Cost Analysis, and provided a Budgetary Cost Estimate for all vertical transportation equipment across multiple locations in GSA’s National Capital Region (NCR): 20 elevators and six (6) escalators located at the Orville Wright Federal Building (800 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, D.C.); 22 elevators located at the Robert C. Weaver Federal Building (451 Seventh Street SW, Washington, D.C.); six (6) elevators located at 4700 River Road (Riverdale, MD); and nine (9) elevators locate the Markey National Courts (717 Madison Place, NW; Washington, D.C. 20005), 3.2 million sq ft. We presented comprehensive reports to the NCR Planning Committee, providing them vital long-term forecasts and budget estimates for presentation to Congress.